XML RSS Feeds Creation and Submission Service

What is XML and RSS Feed ?


RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a family of web feed formats. RSS is mainly used to publish frequently updated works. RSS feeds are very helpful for blogs, news headlines which updates very frequently. RSS feeds benefit publishers by letting them syndicate or synchronize contents automatically.


The first version of RSS, was created by Dan Libby and Ramanathan V  Guha at Netscape. It was released in march 1999 for the use on the My.Netscape.com portal. This version was famously known as RSS 0.9. As the time went on new versions started to flow through.

A standard XML file format allows the information or contents to get published once and get viewed by many different programs. This benefits the users or readers who want to subscribe to timely updates from the website or web pages or even from their favorite blogs. This also helps users or readers to aggregate feeds from several sites or many sites into a single or one place. 


Why you should have XML RSS feed of your website ?


XML RSS is a great way to redistribute your content. It can be easily read by other devices too as well as various web services. 


RSS feeds can be read using a software called an RSS reader or feed reader. This software can be web based or desktop based or even mobile device based. The user can subscribe to the feed by entering the feed's URL. 


XML RSS Feeds Creation and Submission Service


Workmonk has hundreds of XML RSS develoeprs who can create the XML RSS feeds for you (on any programing language and platform). Some of the services offered are - 


  • Creating XML RSS feeds
  • Creating them in the standard XML format 
  • Integrating XML RSS feeds with other 3rd party tools and services
  • Cron Updating of RSS feeds