Outsourcing Agreement Sample


As per the recent trend outsourcing is the essential and efficient alternative of doing business. To achieve desired level of success and standard in business at low cost outsourcing is the paramount choice. Outsourcing is nothing but a kind of agreement with the service provider to execute a specific task or function. Information Technology is one of the examples of outsourcing trend. In IT outsourcing most of the time some part or whole IT function is outsourced. Off course in scope of build a good relationship between the company and the contractor a good and perfect contract is an important factor. A good contract defines and covers all important aspects, terms, privileges, future expectations and legal responsibility between the company and service provider. It is one of the important documents for the successful outsourcing.


Important rules of good contract:


  • Clearly mentioning of objectives and functions between the company and service provider. It always better to understand scope of work in order to avoid further losses and meet the expectation of both the organization.    


  • Next important rule is deliverables. Deliverables is nothing but the delivery or completion of defined tasks such as product, software program, documentation, working of systems. It should be clearly notified in the contract about the delivery schedules, form of the delivery and finally location of the delivery. It is kind of achieved the desired tasks in a given time period.


  • It is important to define the requirements of resources between both the parties. Like what are the resources are required and who will arranged the same.


  • Another important part of a good contract is SLA (Service level agreements). Which allow the company to go in details about the performance of the service provider? For example time required for develop software’s, response time for customer queries, and also time required for providing the solution for repairing computer system. These all things can be worked in details in SLA.


  • Pricing needs to be negotiable and variable in scope of future growth and demands. As per the changing factors pricing needs to be studied carefully. Incentives and penalties to be mentioned in details on the basis of performance.


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